Love with a Girl

10 years ago

Hi, I am in love with a girl and she is 3yrs elder than me. We became Best friends and were chatting for 2 year.But i was afraid to propose her, because i thought that i might loose her and she will never talk again. Before that i Came to know that she was in love with a guy and she has expressed it to him. But it didn't work. The guy didn't see her as a lover. Mean while i was so confused about what to do and decided to wait for her to move on from her past memory and the guy. By this time it already beacame two years since we've met. And we started talking more and more. The phone calls extended more than half an hour or atleast 15 min every time she speaks to me. She was in touch with a guy, who she met years ago and they were quiet friendly. Recently She went for a trip to mumbai, where the guy, lets refer as "x" was working as a ship engineer. She stayed there for a week with her friend and "x" was accompanying her and her friend getting out in the city. Now this "x" made a good impression. And after the trip she called me and told me about the whole trip and also about"x". And she mentioned that she has a infractuation on him. I thought that it's just a simple thing..But it was getting Queit serious. So me thinking that I might loose her, siezed a good oppurtunity and proposed her. Then she told that i am her best friend and said that she is very confused and not ready to accept..but she is talking to me..pls help me in winning her heart.. she didn't give me any result and after proposing i told that i want to b with her and even if she doesn't accept i told her to accept as her friend forever..I need her as my life partner. and also help me in getting rid of "x" because i am afraid that she might fall for "x"

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  • 10 years ago

    I can't blame you for wanting a home just like that. It's beuutifal!!! I wish you luck. I wish you'll finally have your dream house come true soon

  • 10 years ago

    if u really love her then you shud wait for her if she has feeling for u then she will never leave you nd will accept ur proposal one day.

  • 6 years ago

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" Time goes by a lot slower when you miss the one you love "

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Love Poem - Falling For You

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Like the alcoholic I was intoxicated
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My love for you compare to ecstasy was way
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