love with a chat

10 years ago

interested in a girl who was junior 4 yrs junior 2 me in school days,now she is in bsc 1st year with whom i had chated nearly 2 hours,still not sure that she likes me or not. we had a talk on bf/gf but still uncertain that she is interested in me or not???she initially was in relationship but now broke with him...

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  • 10 years ago

    Only way your gonna find out is by asking. Be sensitive about it, don't pressure her and hopefully you'll come out with the answer you're looking for. ;-)

  • 10 years ago

    If you like her and you think she likes you what are you waiting for! She may say no but are you going to not do anything because of that?!?! I say go for it and see what she says. Good Luck! xxx

" Love me now, love me never, but if you love me, love me forever. "

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Love Poem - Tough Love

Author: Luis mieres★★★★
everyday i wanted class to be over
you passed by me so i gave you a glimpse
but you would pass by me like a range rover
i guess you believe i was a wimp
i would look forward to lunch so i could ...(Cont.)