Love triangle help

9 years ago

there is two guys one with im in love with and one from the past that I was in love with but I think I still love him and I am having a choice to choose between both of them.the first guy is such a sweetheart but gets mad and jelouse easily and the other guy is a sweetheart but I was in love with him for 1year and 1/2 and he shut me down and choose another girl over me. Now I have to choose between him or him. please help

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  • 9 years ago

    the words I LOVE U r not to say from your mouth to your beloved on its a feeling that whispers heart to heart without saying the words.

  • 9 years ago

    better don't choose both... you will get more sweeter person than these two guys. all the best. it may sound weird but fact!!!

" If loving someone is madness i,m happy when people call me mad "

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Love Poem - Love Defined

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Love Defined
What is love, but an emotion,
So strong and so pure,
That nurtured and shared with another
All tests it will endure? ...(Cont.)