love problem

11 years ago

hi i am shazia and i like mr muhammad irfan akram but i dont want to tell him we know that we like each other but we were not going to admit this reality and also used to avoid each other, he his the manager of marketing and i am procurement officer

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  • HAIST :) dapat nbang I.LET GO ung taong mahl mo .. kahit alam mo sa srili mo .. n mhl n mahal mo xa ?! dhil sa lalim ng pinag samhan at sa gand a ? haist i think im not ready to.set him free ..

  • 11 years ago

    Hi frnd, I m waheed. I love nisha i meet him everyday. I love him but never toll him bcz i m rich and she is poor so plz give me advaic.what do i?

" no more words no more lies, let it before it dies, hear the words, hear the pain, the last of love ENDS in vain. Sweet ... " » Full Quote

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Love Poem - I Wanna,, Iloveyou,,

Author: Chelsea★★★
I wanna hold you in my arms and say,,
I wanna look into your eyes and say,,
iloveyou <3
iloveyou <3
I wanna look into your eyes and say,, ...(Cont.)