Love Problem

11 years ago

I love a girl to whom i know from past three years she also likes me earlier i wanted to propose her but i couldn't now she has any other boyfriend and she doesn't look at me . i love that girl from the bottom of my heart and don't wnt to lose her i don't know what to do.I saw her always over the phone with her boyfriend.I m in embarrassment please suggest me what to do.

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" ThE BeSt 2 WoRds To ExPLain How I Feel about YOU ISSS... "LOVE YA" "

- Penny» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Have You Ever Wondered

Author: Alondra Padilla★★★★
have you ever wondered why do girls close
their eyes when they kiss a guy ? its easy
cause we imagine a hotter guy than the guy
were kissing