Love Pain

11 years ago

I m a young smart guy.....i had liked many girls in my life....wanting each one to turn out to be a love....
all the girls whom i liked thought of me as a very good person,as a person on whom they can trust,depend,share their each and every feelings......still then any of the girl did not think about me as the person they love and go into a serious relationship and share their whole life with me........what should i do to find a girl who can love me as much as i would love her????

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" Everyday I think about you... there wasn't a time when i haven't. "

- Anonymous» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Love Till The End

Author: Joe marshal★★★★
i love the way you let me know
how much you love me so
i really adore the way you care
the love you show to me beyond compare.......
you are the one in my dreams all night ...(Cont.)