Love is in the way

8 years ago

If a boy wants you let him keep wanting you meaning let him do things for you that feels right, make them work for what they want just for them to show how bad they want it cause if u just give it to them they are going to think u can get it very easily and he going to run over you cause he already got what he wanted so take your time giving people things such as boys cause they can take advantage of it if u give it to them the wrong way and sending pictures can make things worse cause they have something to blackmail you with."please reply"

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" We are all born for love. It is the principle of existence, and its only end. "

- Benjamin Disraeli» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Love

Author: ??????????★★★
your love is like the water in the ocean how
it flows so deeply you may not love me but i
love you and you dont know the pain i feel it
hurts like you gut sdtabbed in the heart.