love duh

12 years ago

Does he love u? Thats the question almost every girl is asking when they fall in love. Girls are like apples. They hang on the tree of love waiting for someone guy to pick u. Most boys are lazy so they go for the bottom apples andur stuck up there thinking there is something wrong with u. When u actully have to wait for the right guy to come and pick u. Most girls don't realize that so they jist drop hopefully never to fall in love again. So what I would do is listen to ur heart.

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  • kia
    12 years ago

    Sorry I made some errors I didt proof read it. Sorry

" If my love for you would take the form of water... I'd be drowning! "

- Anonymous» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Lovvvvvveeee

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love is heat
love is sweet
then love complet
lips meeet, ...(Cont.)