Love, Breakup, But STILL love?

10 years ago

Hey guys, Well It's not just my story but a lot of us share the same story, Haven't you felt so madly in love that even after you breakup you cannot get over that person and still tend to love them in the very same manner or sometimes even more? Have you ever felt life going back but you know you cannot? Though of dating someone else makes you miss him/her even more?

If yes, then I guess we are at a good stage to discuss. How to get over someone you cannot stop thinking about?

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  • 10 years ago

    ahahhahah same problem.. u should do any type of work in which u bzi then time to time u will feel better INSHA ALLAH.. nd i will pray 4 u..

" Things to do: 1 thing 2 To do 3 Words 4 You I LOVE YOU!!!!!! #Adam "

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Author: Rahul Prasad★★★
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gazing into the sundry blue skies
hoping to forget all my pains that haunt me ...(Cont.)