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11 years ago

i have deep feels for this guy, we go to the same church, evry time iam with him he tells me that he is a great guy , ihave noticed that. but most af all i enjoy his company , he is a vaery triguing guy and would love to be with him some day . so would i be right if i teel him how i feel about him?

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  • 11 years ago

    yeah! go for it! if you like being around him that's great! Give it a go and if it doesn't work out be friends because you both obviously enjoy eachothers company. good Luck!!! xxx

" It’s killing me every time I saw you in pain because you deserve to be happy to someone like me. "

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you see me then you leave its like a star
that flashes throw the sky. you never show a
singel mint of intreast. do you see me or
even get me a ryhmth or a curse .I lead on
and on and your 100% lost. Im mars your my ...(Cont.)