9 years ago

i love my parents as well as my lover.. i dnt wnt 2 loss anyof them.. i have a younger sister . she is also in love.. my parents came to knw that. bcoz of her itself they will be feeling very much.. i dnt knw how am gng to deal this... but i hope so... i want him for my every second, minute, days, years.. i love my dad most than any other in the world.. if he refuse to my love tats it... i dont know wat to do... but i cnt leave my parents for him.. and also him for them. am studyng 2nd year in clg. but he is working in a company..

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" This is my commandment, that ye love one another. "

- Bible, John 15:12» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Somehow

Author: Sue★★★★
My mind is confused, I'm angry
With no reason
I'm keepin it all inside
But it's leaking out
Somehow ...(Cont.)