9 years ago

hi, i had a crush on a girl , who was my relative..i had seen her first time when she was studying 8th class...we had a age gap of.. 3yrs... i want to love her and marry her..and live my entire life with her. we both are chatting with each other in fb and in mobile..the conversation is not bad..she is not avoiding me..i want o know whether she likes me or not.....i had a fear that if i proposed her and she didnt accept it..and if the matter known to the family members ..our entire relation disturbs,,so i want a solution to clear my confusion..i was sincere and serious about her........

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  • 9 years ago

    its good to be loved and beloved but not at all we want in life is prepared really for us. maybe you feel attraction is only infatuation its ok that you feel a feeling of crush but that's not good when you go beyond in a very big deep relationship learn to respect of yourself relatives are family members we think as sisters or brothers.we should treat them right as we respect our self you need think everyone in the family member of yours if they know they well get hurt.there are a lot of someone out there waiting for you.

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