10 years ago

i love a girl name panchashree, she is now 19. we are good frnds now. i first met with her a few month ago. my friend name samrat also love her, at first when i met with her i donot have any felling for her but samrat always thought that i double cross him and i love her, for this reason our friendship is broken now. panchashree now about my previous girlfriend. when i tought that samrat love her , she simply rejected her, now i realy love her. but she think we are only friends. i always talk with her but i fail to told about my fellings for her. i scare because i think if she aiso rejected me what can i do? i realy love her so much. plz told me how i got my love? plz

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" It is not love, but lack of love which is blind. "

- Glenway Wescott» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Do You Still Remember

Author: Ahna★★★
That night i met you, you are grown tall and
handsome. Your attractive look really
touching my heart. i never ever forget that
feeling, when you look at me my heart beats
faster and ever and i know i already falling ...(Cont.)