9 years ago

back in grade 5 i met a guy named abdurrehman ...he felt in love with me n now its been 5 five years and we are still together his friends say that he loves me alot but he never express it alot...but he is very much caring n a nice guy ....... should i prolong with him or not???

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  • 9 years ago

    Hi, Mariyam -
    what are words? Actions speak louder!
    And, did you fall with him in love, too?
    For some men, it is not easy to express your feelings through words. Openness is very important in a partnership.
    Why do you tell to him not simply, that you want it sometimes also to HEAR?

  • Pav
    9 years ago


    You guys seem to be too young to take love serously...........

    Just be friends....n enjoy your lives. dont get into wrong dump!

" At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet. "

- Plato» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Gone

Author: Ashley Ng★★★
He just gone,
Without waving goodbye,
In the middle of the cold night,
When I still need his hug as my blanket,
To keep me warm. ...(Cont.)