10 years ago

i m married and have to kids, but my parents have selected and i love some one else but after 12 years i want to marry with my love who is also married a uear wife is ready to support me to get my first crash, so whats yur opnion

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  • 10 years ago

    i once loved a person who hates me , but i cant help it ? what can i do? then he suddenly disappeared....then the other one i loved loves someone else whom i found out was my friend ., i thought he loves me but he just treats me as a friend..

" So dear I love him that with him,All deaths I could endure.Without him, live no life. "

- William Shakespeare» Love Quotes

Love Poem - You ARE My Life!

Author: Ivanna★★★★
You are the reason why i open my eyes,
You are the one who makes me breathe,
You are the reason of my survival,
You are the one behind my smile...
You taught me how to enjoy every moment, ...(Cont.)