10 years ago

i m married and have to kids, but my parents have selected and i love some one else but after 12 years i want to marry with my love who is also married a uear wife is ready to support me to get my first crash, so whats yur opnion

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  • 10 years ago

    i once loved a person who hates me , but i cant help it ? what can i do? then he suddenly disappeared....then the other one i loved loves someone else whom i found out was my friend ., i thought he loves me but he just treats me as a friend..

" Never love someone more than yourself. When that person betrays you, you won't hate him/her, but you will hate yourself for ... " » Full Quote

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Love Poem - Looking Forward To Life

Author: Xavier Johnson★★★
Life hasn't appealed much to me because I
didn't know what the meaning of it was. That
is until I met you. I've never wanted to see
what life would be like without you. Seems
like there would be no such thing. God gave ...(Cont.)