11 years ago

well i hav beed datin this person for 5 months... well i am 16 and they are 21 and she had to act like she was wid her ex bc of the age difference.. well two days ago.. my MOTHER had to tell the ex... and it went crazy... well then that night i called my gf and i was like did u mean what u said the other night? (i asked if she stil wanted to b wid me?) and she said well i said it didnt i. i said yea then she said ok then?? so i dont know what to believe should i move on or should i wait and c what happeneds? like i love her and i am in love wid her? and i dont want to lose her... so what should i do???

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  • 11 years ago

    Move on dude. She sounds like drama. And age does make a difference.
    Your affection for her will pass, and you'll find someone better suited.



" Close together or far apart, you're forever in my heart. "

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