is it real? i need help!!!! please answer

10 years ago

so i have put my boyfriend through hell and he still her i had bad extreme drama with my ex and i cheated on him with my ex one time and i told him everything i was honest and he still here nothing changed i stopped talking to him so now were still together and i want to know if i put a guy through all this and he still around is he a keeper do you think that we will last?? i know that was my biggest mistake i mean i hate my self for that

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  • 10 years ago

    dear friend love is like a meat so soft and so sweet it needs to be taken care of and how you need to.sometimes mistakes done there very painful but when we confess then its either we forgiven or your case i believe you really hurted your boyfriend but despite of that all i believe he really loves you.don't hate yourself what you need is to amend your mistakes and try not to repeat it again because you never tell if next time he can be good.try to look the positive side of your relationship.

" Love is like war.. Easy To Start.. Difficult To End.. And.. Impossible To Forget..!! "

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