10 years ago

Please help me i love a girl that her name is neelima bose.She is so cute.I was first meet her in marrige on her cousin sister that i am told the cousin sister in didi she is my neibhor.i was firstly meet that his cousin sister marriage and her marriage in my uncles mama.and then one year's ago what i' am see that she is in my coaching but she is one class i could not meet daily.And i did not tolk because it was prohibited in our coaching.and three years back i was that her cousin sister father had it was very sad then i was see that time then after 14 days it was saw mach chuha that it was rituals in our bengali cast.i served food to her.and i was moved around that place and went to the room.then she finding me and saw me moved aback but it was over but i did not opt courage to propose her.then i was opt courage i did not find her so please help me what will i do?

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Author: Romeo★★★★
I admit that I love the attention
Of many girls as the empty out their
Buts its nothing compared 2 a couples
connection. ...(Cont.)