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12 years ago

ok look i went to a party it was really fum.! But i realized i didnt love my boyfriend anymore so i let him go and now i like another guy hes 2 years younger and my EX-boyfriend was my age. i asked this new guy out he said maybe............. but me and my bff know its a yes because he wanted to dance with me and he was really kind and he brought me a water bottle but i had to leave so i asked for something to remind me of him and he did so n ow i keep it forever. but now i just still loove my ex-boyfriend he was kind and fun. but then i realize he was such a jerk he never invited me to his house and he nevr invited me over to parties but sure he could invite his ex-girlfriend im only 11 but i know i dont know what love is YET.! i just want to know if i made a mistake or i made a great move.? and i find my self thinking about him but then i realize evrything and that he hardly kissed me in school or held my hand he never hugged me i knew he was ashamed and i wont go back to him because i dont believe in second chances.! and thats another thing he made mistakes and i gave ALOT of chances my friends say i should not have broken up with him i say SO WHAT it is what it is.
! every one says FOLLOW YOUR HEART but i cant because its always indesisive of what other people with think and what will be the consequences and what ill regret doing later on. can you help me PLEASE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY NEED IT.! =(

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  • 12 years ago

    Hi Jo i dono its ur real name but u still love him means i will tell u one thing u can change him. because all the guys thoughts are they can go to many girls but her lover will find any other guys means they wont accept that.
    just be close with any of ur friend where he notice that then see the reaction.u can see the true love if he loved u truely

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