im falling for someone else..

10 years ago

ive been with my boyfriend now for 9 months nd going to be 10 on the 24th. my boyfriend lives with me and my mom and recently he hasnt had a car because the brakes stopped working so hes been having to ask his friends for rides and the one night he asked his friend nate for a ride and when i met him i thought he was cute but wouldnt ever like him. but over time my boyfriend has been asking him for rides and we hung out with him alot, then me and nate began texting..he flirts with me alot, when he texts me he uses winky faces and smiley faces in every text. last night nate came to my house to get something of my boyfriends and he hugged me and kissed me! and i just felt my heart sink and now i like him alot more than i did a few days ago..and he also told me that he likes me to and that hes starting to like me more as i have the same feelings for him. but the only problem is i have a boyfriend and theyre both really good friends..i really need advice and i dont know wat to do. my boyfriend really loves me and i dont think he ever wants to leave me. but im falling for nate really fast and i cant help it or stop it. when i started dating my present boyfriend i had absolutely nothing because i recently been through a house fire and he was my comfort and all i had and i commited myself to him way to fast and early in the only 17 years old and he may not be the one but i dont know wat to do. i dont have the guts to break up with my boyfriend and i dont even know if i really want to but i already have more feelings for nate than i do with my boyfriend. nate has told me that he would date me if he could and now i kinda really wish that i was single....i feel bad that i kissed nate without my boyfriend knowing but i loved it and i just fell in love all over again..wat should i do?????

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