i want to know if my man love me or he is after money

7 years ago

am in relationship where by my man is after money and his work,he does have time for me but he perfer hanging out with his friends most of the night.his life is full of work his children and friends but thoes not have my time;the only time we spent is just to talk of his business or work.

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  • 7 years ago

    Want know if he is lñvôlvè with someone else or lg he is after money? Judy and Clarence

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Love Poem - He Love Me Or Not ?????

Author: Naida16★★★★
when i met him he always
smile at me, when my friends
meet him, he don't even smile
at them. he only smile at me.
i don'y know why ??? it is mean ...(Cont.)