I want my lover back

10 years ago

I want my man to love me, who is not at all speaking with me. He is too innocent boy. His parents don't want him to love me. I want him in my life. We got separated due to few reasons. please guide me.

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  • Ana
    10 years ago

    I want my lover back but I dont know what I have to do because his mom doest want us together but idc its not about her its about love so if u love someone then dont give them up keep fighting for your love

" The surest sign of being in love is when the toughest thing to do is utter good bye! "

- Anonymous» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Sweet Dreams

Author: Isabella★★★
When I'm Asleep,
I'm lying in my bed,
What could've happened to us?
We should've nvr got 'to that stupid fight
That totally messed up our heads, ...(Cont.)