I think i love him and so does my bff

11 years ago

I have known him since i was 4 he has always been there for me and so have i.About a month ago i started having feelings for him so when i told by bff since kindergarden she told me not to date him because if we broke up it could hurt our friendship but today i found out she asked him out and he said maybe.So should i ask him out or should i give up and let have him...PLEASE HELP!!!

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" thank you for making me love you for the last 16 or more years . i think i am the most luckiest guy in this world ,for the ... " » Full Quote

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Love Poem - My Only Reason

Author: Alondra Padilla★★★
my only reason to live is you
my only reason to love is you
my only reason to see is you
my only reason to smell is you
my only reason to taste is you ...(Cont.)