I still love him!

11 years ago

I still LOVE him :( I try to apoligize but that never works i still want him back he took my heart with him!!!!

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  • 11 years ago

    see i know n he knows u love him very much n thats the truth . but u need to know does he love you or he is jus angry with you for something .......... or is he in love with someone else.... i understand n i know it really hurts but know one thing love wil always b greatful with those who love someone truely.... u will get the person who wil love you forever............ do know u need to have patience n need to know u cant get something back if it isnt yours..... or if that person doesnt want to stay jus know u need to leave him.... cause this kind of things later wil create problem..... for more problems or quieries call me or mall me at 8653828598 or mail [email protected]

" There is only one happiness in life to love and to be loved. "

- George Sand» Love Quotes

Love Poem - My Love For You

Author: Jharana (12 yrs old ._.)★★★★★
I'm ignorant you say,
I'm selfish you say,-
but do you know who's fault
it is that i'm like this?
Everytime you come around; ...(Cont.)