In deep trouble People... i really need help

11 years ago

I need some advice regarding a problem that i'm facing now. i know many of you've been through this already. but i'm new to this and i don't know how to get out of this mess. I'm in love with this beautiful girl who happens to be my best friend. She is also the sister of one of my friend. Now her brother knows that i have feelings for her but she either still don't know this or she is purposely ignoring it. What do i do. I don't what to ruin our friendship and i don't want to loose her either.

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  • 11 years ago

    Nick, why do you say that "Many of you've been through this already??" Whats your real problem? is it that she is your best friend or is it that she is the sister of your friend?? Considering the fact that your friend (who happens to be your lovers brother) is already aware of this and he is still your friend, you can be sure about one thing, you will not be trashed by your lover's brother :-)

  • 11 years ago

    hm..indeed a quite common problem, have you confessed your love to her? if she doesn't know that you like her then there wont be much of a problem, go tell your friend who is her brother that it just you and she has no involvement in it, else the brother sister relationship might get affected. So now one side is clean... Now if you really think you want this girl, do give her signs that you like her, and let her know that you like her...but please take this slowly... Now second case, if you both are in love and her brother knows about it, then you are big time screwed... talk to her brother about how serious you are with his sister and gain his faith first and do tell her not to panic...again...take this slowly... All the best :)

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