i need help!!

8 years ago

im in a relationship. but I don't love him. im still in love with my ex. and my x is in love with me. and I don't want to break my boyfriends heart...what do I do???? :( and I do like my boyfriend. but hes not the one for me. my exes name is joel. and I feel like I need him more then I need Brandon (my boyfriend now

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  • 8 years ago

    who is more caring about u in ur life n future.... cz money is not the matter which can step up the life... but happiest relationship is more important in ur life choose the one good person who's come to ur mind first n he shud be the caring u for ever in ur life time....

" you know one thing time is a cheat….when I saw you I thought my time turned great….! I thought there would come a ... " » Full Quote

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Love Poem - There Is Never Good Bye's In This World

Author: Jewel★★★
What I learned is that when tyou say good bye
to someone. You'll might not ever see them
again for life. I never did once say good bye
in my life I'll just say see you later.
Friends and family never say good bye.