I love her, but I can't express it..:(

12 years ago

i love this girl, whom i see everyday, we smile at each other, talk a few, thats it. im shy, i just want to tell her about my feelings,but im just too shy and afraid that when she knows my feelings for her, she might go away. and maybe this is not the right time to tell her, shes still studying, but will graduate on march 2012. whats the proper way of expressing my feelings for her? what will i do to make her feel special? what will i do so that she will notice me? thanks for your advice, i will appreciate it.

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  • 12 years ago

    dont be afraid, if you cant speak it out loud, just show her extra care and sweetness, and maybe she has also a feelings for you. but she doesnt know if you like her too.

  • sk
    12 years ago

    show her that how much u care for her..lovingly give her some instructions..for example: baby drive slow,,take care,,do your lunch n dinner properly,,ask her about her like n dislike..her favourite colours.for example: her favourite colour is white then start wearing white shirt..make her smile every moment:don't even do that she doesn.t like,,slowly slowly bt she will surly understand your feelings...wishing you good luck bro...

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