I love a girl I've never talked to

9 years ago

Someone help me out here. For over a year there was a girl in my class who I thought was cute and I've never been able to talk to. Recently, whenever I look at her or even get near her my heart starts racing and my face gets hotter. I still haven't talked to her at all and we're both even on the track team together. Someone who's in a relationship please help me ( sorry, single people I just don't think you can help me). Here is extra info to help out: she is originally from Japan, English is her second language, she has lots of friends, she's much more smart than me ( she even takes advanced placement classes), she's athletic ( does pole vault), and as far as I could tell without ever talking to her very kind

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" To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven "

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Love Poem - Mr

Author: Abel majadibodu★★★★
This heart is a follower.
Is the biggin of your dream.
Where you have that pasino.sit beats for that
shatiion ...(Cont.)