i dont what should i do

9 years ago

me and my partner are questioning will we be able to continue our relationship because life is going to change soon for the both of us and i dont know what to do i feel like its for the better but at the same time i dont want to let him go

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  • 9 years ago

    Love is one of the emotion which u feel good and happy and yet u feel so bad.

" I love you!and i will love you until the day the ocean doesn't touch the sand "

- some singer..i forgot» Love Quotes

Love Poem - For My Girl :)

Author: Sushank Dhamala★★★
Word's aren't enough to describe how
beautiful you are
Ur beautiful enough to make men start a war
But don't baby no matter what
I'll always win cuz i love you alot ...(Cont.)