i dont know if he is true?

9 years ago

my partner says he loves me alot more than anyone or anything in world n i also feel that he loves me truly but he never have time for me like we never communicate much , we do once in a blue moon type n wnever i nid him he is never there , for this he always have a family or friend reasons what should i do? should i belive me or should i break the relation?

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" when she had me she never loved me,when she loved she never had me. "

- aman aggarwal» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Under The Moonlight

Author: V.N.Gonzales★★★★
i still remember what you said that night of
June, when we look upon the moon
you told me that you love me,
i said i love you too
together we promise our love will go through. ...(Cont.)