I am Aquarius man and I am interested in a Aries woman

10 years ago

I have known a woman on Skype for over seven months and we get on well, and we talk about different topics and have fun. Though she doesn't say much sometimes, but she contacts me a lot as I don't chase her a lot and do send messsages to her and praise her and tell how I feel about her. She can have some low self esteem on herself, because I don't know much about her past, all I know is that she was in marriage that was not good for her and she also had some people that also turned on her because of her husband. But I like to compliment her on say how lovely she looks, also tell her I am proud of her and tell her good things about herself, try and make her feel positive, but do go overboard with it. I cannot say that I am in love as I have not told her and just see how things go. I am being patient with the lady and understanding as I told her that. I am very fond of her and being patient with her and seeing what the future holds. She is from another country and I have more feelings for her, and but I am desperate and don't chase her. Can you give me advice on anything that is suitable that you can tell me. I haven't got her phone number as yet, but I do have her home address as I sent her gifts and I have given her my mobile number and email addresses as I told her that she has more options to contact me on. There was a time when I hadn't contact her for 1 month and then she contacted me saying that she thought I never wanted to speak with her again, as she was busy and let her contact me. I also had problems with internet connection , for one week and then when I contacted her and explained to her that what happened she told me she really missed me. I just feel very happy with this lady and I am not pushing anything as we need to know each other properly. So I have been single more then 11 years and I want be there for her and not pressure her. I would be interested in your advice and also if you see anything promising from this in future. From Jason

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  • 10 years ago

    look jason the best thing is not to pressure her some guys r just asshole and purreseutre us women until we giv in but u r doing the right thing keeo up the good work

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