how to win back the person you love

9 years ago

so Im complelty in love with someone and they are dating someone else but that person says that they regret breaking up with me and that person wants me back but that person doesn't know how to get their name of someones cheque anyway we are trying to get back toghether again but I don't know what to do do I finally convince her to break up with him and how should she dump him

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" " Tears of pain run down my cheek, Wishing I was able to hold the one I seek. Tears from my heart I cry, Left out ... " » Full Quote

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Love Poem - Love

Author: Bethany★★★
Love is somthing its a wonderfull thing lov
and joy is what ur other half will
bring..comeddmitt is gud but if u tak ur time
u will find a love and like..that will
brightin ur day lik a sunshine..sweet as ...(Cont.)