how i tell my love

9 years ago

i am loving a person named SURYA . but i couldn't say it to him . i have a little fear . what can i do now ? how can i say this to that person ? but i think he also loves me . yesterday a person named VISHNU says i love you to me . VISHNU is seriously loving me . What would i do now ? who is the person that i want to tell i love you ? VISHNU OR SURYA

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" Some love lasts a lifetime. True love lasts forever. "

- Anonymous» Love Quotes

Love Poem - When I Saw You...

Author: Maribel★★★★
when i saw you my eyes could'nt believe
how beautiful you where i felt like i was
looking at a angel set from above i was too
nerves to go and talk to you i wish we will
never be apart it's hard when you don't have ...(Cont.)