how can i met her once

11 years ago

i am software trainee in a computer institute, a girl from programming batch i like so much, i talked with her, about meeting outside, because i cant talk with her at institute premises, she refuse to meet outside, but she said tell me here whatever u want to say, i will listen,and she request me don't talk to me in-front of her what should i do???...i cant talk easily with her at institute premises, because institute head is always there....

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" The mouth is made for communication, and nothing is more articulate than a kiss. "

- Jarod Kintz» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Never

Author: Maribow★★★
I miss the man I've never seen
His smile I've never gazed upon
His touch I've never felt
His arms that were never around me
His kiss which never lingered upon my lips ...(Cont.)