heart broken

9 years ago

i like a girl but she don't like me, so what should i do? And she swear to me why why help me please

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  • 8 years ago

    U cannot just be heart broken by a girl dat didn't luv,maybe she not de right girl for u because a right girl is a person dat understanding de feeling of his bestfriend,she's alway there to support u in any suitration,make u happy alway and make sure dat u didn't feeling bad or maybe de girl didn't luv u for de first time u ment her so if u want engage in any reletionship pls look for a true luv so dat u will not be heart broken again because i luv u doesn't matter but true luv and understanding person matters thanks.

" What hurt me the most was watching you walk away knowing that you're gonna go forever "

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