give up or hold on? :'(

11 years ago

give up or hold on even if it huts that much??? :'( he pushes me to go away, and its not easy for me to let him go. im the only one fighting for our relationship :( what should i do????

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  • ic
    11 years ago

    i have aproblem. my gf is so shy even we are in our friends together.what should i do???
    is he loves me o not???or he is shy to show everyone that im his bf???

  • 11 years ago

    I think you should start moving on but still remain friends he may be having problems with a mate or with his family. Give him space and let him know you aren't going to pressurise him into anything. I know (from experience) it is like being continually stabbed but if it doesnt work out you will meet someone else who will be your universe and he will heal the hole for you. Good luck and I hope it goes ok. Or else there's plenty of fish in the ocean!!! Xxxxxx

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