Give me some suggestion plz

11 years ago

Hi, i m sonu.i m in love with a guy pintu. he is married peson with two kids,married 5 yrs back, n v are in relatioship since 4yrs.he loves me a lot even i love him a lot n cant stay without him.he has to get maried due to some problme,he want to leave them but v both r not satisfied with our own decision,v want to get
maried n v are ready to pay some amount every month.plz try 2 understand my problem n give me some

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" It's unbelievable how much I love you, It's unbelievable, i cant believe how much i care.It's real I'm not imagining but the ... " » Full Quote

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Love Poem - Nizhal Nadakam

Author: Jagan★★★
Entethayathellam ninakullathanennarinjittum.
mayilpeeli padarpinullil marchuvacha ninte
hridayam njanenthe tirichariyan vaiki?
Ente swapnangal.. Ente dukangal. Ente
vyagrathakal.. Ellam nee mathram ayirunnu ...(Cont.)