11 years ago

So there is this Guy he is my best friend he is like my brother...I started falling for him and i told him through a text and also in person..he keeps saying that he likes our friendship more...He started acting a little different but he mainly started acting diferently when my friend gave him a not that said he should kiss me to see if there are any sparks..What should i do i need help badly i am madly in love with him.... also if my name pops up i am a girl..

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" I Know Your Life Can Go On Without Me, That You Can Be Happy Without Me, That You Can Survive Without Me, But Even If You ... " » Full Quote

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Love Poem - True Love

Author: Jerik Middleton★★★★★
True love is not meant to be,
But it is always true.
It's when you love another,
When they don't love you.
True love is a challenge, ...(Cont.)