Getting her back

9 years ago

I broke up with my gf before the start of the summer. This was because of really bad problems in my family at the time that really affected me though I didn’t really know how much they affected me until I was finally able to get over them. They made me depressed and made me make a stupid decision and break up with her. We are still friends and she knows that I like her though she says she only see’s me as a friend. She says she’s afraid of getting her heart broke again. Part of me still feels there is something there. She got me a Christmas present and when we meet she has problems with looking me in the eyes because when she does her eyes dilate. I feel I can win her back but only if she gives me a chance.

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" Forever meant nothing to me, until i met him "

- Unknown» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Love Of My Life

Author: Karen Man-ay★★★★★
The love of my life is u,ur the one who makes
my heart beats,ur the one
who makes me happy,i always wait for the time
to ask me that "I love u".
When i saw u smile u make me happy. ...(Cont.)