friendship to love

6 years ago

me and her are good friends since childhood..both of us family are having a good friendship with her...she"s too having a good respect on me......i love her very much...........she is telling that her mom won't allow...and further she's telling that if her mom say OK for me,then she will marry me...we are having phone contact now...first i asked her number,then our conversation started,i said that i like her very much,,she also said that she likes me and that's why she's calling me..she even shares her problem with what should i do now? i love her a lot?

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" My night has become a sunny dawn because of you. "

- Ibn Abbad» Love Quotes

Love Poem - ~Loving You~

Author: J. Jeylan Egehan★★★★★
~Loving You~
I am loving you today,
just like I loved you yesterday.
Every passing minute brings me
a little closer to you. ...(Cont.)