Friends With Benefits.

9 years ago

Been messing around with a guy for some time, we make out &stuff but somewhere through all of that, I started to have feelings for him. (Before we start making out though, we hold hands and stare at eachother for some time, just smiling.)But I think he only sees me as a fri__end with benefits__. We've messed around about three times. He's the only one I mess around with and I know I'm the only one he messes around with. We talk really often, at times we bring up about when we saw eachother & stuff. He doesn't know I have feelings for him, though. & I dont know if I should stop messing around with him, because we're really good friends and if he doesn't like me, i dont want to get hurt. I don't know if there is a possibility that he could fall for me or something.

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  • 9 years ago

    Wow yea he liks u i mean really if ur the only one he messes arounds with shouldnt that of tell u something??!!!!

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Love Poem - The One

Author: Latisha★★★★
Your the one whos always been their for me.
The one who always stayed loyal and true
that's why i give my love to you. Everyday
you show me more and more how your the one
for me and why i will always love you .