Faliure at love....

11 years ago

Im mukesh... I loved my relative girl... Her name is vennila... once she told me that what will you do if your parents reject us ? then I intimate this one to my mummy.. but my mummy accept it. and, further I told vennila that mummy accept us.. But , she , " How do you say , " I love you " .How do think that I was loved you ? And she said no for all. and rejected me. I am so sad ... and I can not do my works with concentration and passion...my mind and heart moving around her..... I am unable to forger her.... I loved her so much than me..... She rejected me with no reason.... Please give me a way to come over from this one.....

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  • 11 years ago

    I understand ur hurt i been hurt so many tymes cause i give mmy heart to easily but i do get over and move on first i make sure that it cant work and if if cant i ocuppy my tyme with family and friends and move on slowly tyme heals and it will get better

  • 11 years ago

    Hey same thing happened in my life that guy so scared to tel this matter in his home and he came to me and said lets break up nu. u know on that night fully i cried a lot but morn i took a clear decision tht he s no more my love is gone i thaught i have to achive something very big infront of him nu he has to feel tht i miss my gal nu.so u also leave this matter concentrate on ur work u have to come in very big position aft seeing tht she has to feel tht i miss mukesh nu be like tht hope u ll do all the best!!!!!!!!!!!

" Love is awfully simple, but falling out of love is simply awful. "

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