Does he loves me?

10 years ago

I have a boy friend and i love him dearly.

We hardly saw and he does not pick my calls but i understand the fact that right now he is very broke and that i he not happy when he is broke but when he picks my call, he calls me names like: "angel", "my dear"... and says words like "don't worry, we will be together soon" or "everything is going to be alright" or "it is well" or "i love you too". but i am confuse... does he really love me?

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" When I am with you, the only place I wanna be is, Closer. "

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Love Poem - You .....

Author: 'giselle"★★★
i miss you
i can't hear a romantic song cause i think of
i love you i cant see a couple cause i cry
you make me crazier ...(Cont.)