does he love me or what and should i tell someone

11 years ago

**if u do somthink special with somone one they say everythink u do tonight will make us colseer to u and us to be toghter then dont say to tell anyone then a week later u talk about it then say dont want to talk ab out it but u do and then u said so u used me then he said i was thinking about it then someone has said somthink then u say what he say well i was thinking about it then somone said somthink now its out of my mind i said so what do we do that suff he said i dont want to talk about it xxxxxx and should i tell someone on or not help me out i love him lots xxx

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  • 11 years ago

    do he love me

  • 11 years ago

    does he love me

  • 11 years ago

    well what we do tonight he said it will make us closer andi dolove u now he dontsay much but he did say that he loves m,e4 but now he with someone called amy and he is acting little a litleshut and will not talk to me as the same before we did suff nowi just feelscryedof him and his 16 xxx

" It is raining in my eyes when you are away and paining in my Heart when you are still away... "

- Aishwarya Gajendran» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Stepping

Author: Tiffanie Watson★★★
When I think about you...
It's like breaking a mirror...
Then stepping on the glass.
Your reflectin is shattered.
Hurt... ...(Cont.)