Does he know it?

8 years ago

I have a crush who is handsome and cute. We've met at the carpool when I was a first year highschool and we're friends. But sometimes, i began to react "In Love" to him and when I seated to him at his side, I began to smile and laugh but he avoided me for a couple of days. My friends asked me did I have a crush on him and I began to denied. Although, everytime I asked him some of a few questions like: "Do you hate K*****?" but he began to unrespond. So Does he know that I have a feeling to him? Do I really want to reveal what is my true feelings?

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Love Poem - You Know You Mean The World To Me

Author: Darren T.★★★
When I looked in your eyes
And I saw the love in them
I wondered how the world, could be so huge
and full of sin
I have never felt so much love in my life ...(Cont.)