do i stay or go

9 years ago

do i stay with him or should i go ........ i need help no one understands the way i am is because i have gone through a lot with him but really should i go i feel good when he is in front of me but when he is just far i can't go on. although there is another boy i admire but he is kind of selfish so i sit and cry everyday because i'm stuck i love sofiane but should i stay with him when he is so moody almost all the time every second i'm doing something bad

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  • 9 years ago

    Hello, I'm curious is this about the grass is greener on the other side, By this I mean are you in love or are you falling out of love with the person you are with. you see true love is not about just loving someone when things are going well, because that is easy. It's about when things go horribly wrong and even though their are good and bad qualities in each of us we have to love each other no matter what. Now that is easier said than done. because can you love someone who doesn't love you anymore the answer is yes . can you love them enough to let them go, to love someone else even though you know they will regret leaving you yes. Can you love without regretting anything that you've lost along the way yes. and last can you love them enough and move on with your life wishing them all the best with or without you yes, but the choice will always be your own and you have to live with it no matter what.

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