do i love him ?

11 years ago

.. wat shud i do ? i cant explain wats inside on my heart .. and mind .. my heart tell dat i dont love him but my mind always think of him .. he's not good at all .. but i think his everything to me .. so far he was the man that makes me happy everyday .. but i dont even know that he loves me .. huhu .. wat shud i do ? i dont know how to let this feeling go .

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  • 11 years ago

    ask him does he love you if he says yes then ask do you really love me like am i everything to you if thosem awnsers are yes than keep it goin but if your heart still says no then it is not meant to be i think you should follow the heart and if you feel that u cant live with out him/her then its meant to be but follow yor heart
    wish you luck

  • 11 years ago

    what does this mean dear?? "He is not good at all". Lover is not a decorative piece. He spends many of his valuable minutes to make you happy. Why don't you think before being happy by his acts that he doesn't look gud.
    Believe me dear, he loves you but he also thinks that since he doesnt' look gud he doesn't deserve you, that is why he has not dared yet to tell you.
    Don't let this feeling go dear, it is very rare.

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