do he really like me

10 years ago

i have liked this guy since 6th grade so i asked him out n he said i dont know because other girls like him what should i do

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  • 10 years ago

    ok ayana 1 u should never ask a boy out it makes u sound too easy to get a girl always wants to be hard to get guys think its cute and u shouldnt worry about the other girls because if he chooses on of them he will relize that he lost u hope u reply XD

  • Loe
    10 years ago

    uhm i dont reckon you get what i mean. I meant that Feliyao is inrccoert in saying that Sooyoung made the song. She didnt compose the song but wrote the korean lyrics for this song. I didnt say Sooyoung didnt-_- Delight read it again thankfulness.

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