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long story short, there's a guy. well, there's always a guy. lets say his name is A. im in love with him. i knew it from the moment i saw him for the first time. we kinda get along very well. but there's one thing, he's so confusing. there are moments where he really cares. there are also moments where he seems like he doesnt know me at all. but every time we meet, we talk and joke like usual. and then came along his bestfriend, lets say he's B. idk if he likes me or what. but he's starting to ask me out, he even text me every single day. we went for a date once. and he's a good guy actually. now that B is getting closer to me, A starts to avoiding me. i keep giving him signals that he's the one that i like. but he doesnt seem to care. he ignores me, and honest, it breaks my heart. but here's the thing. few days ago, when i went out with my classmates (including A), he was so nice. he kept walking right next to me. he even asked me to put fries on his mouth (his hands were holding his phone). my heart was beating like crazy for the love of God. then back to B again. he's always there. he cares of me, text me everyday, asks how my day so far etc. and i think i grew feelings on him too. but if you ask me who'll i choose, i'll still choose A. problem is A is like a roller coaster. there are ups and downs and im not even sure he likes me too. what am i suppose to do? which guy do u think is better? and do you think both of them actually like me? or is it just me?

thank you very much for reading this. i know its long. but thanks. :)

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    Would you believe there are still polepe doing the perspective shot where the bride stands far away and it looks like the groom is holding her in his hand? NO NO NO.I still get a lot of polepe wanting the jumping shot, and I have to confess I don't really mind they always have fun. The others? Definite no!Kat Forsythb4s last [type] ..

" I don't know whether to smile because we're friends or cry because that's all we'll ever be.... "

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