9 years ago

I really love this guy i n my class and the problem is that he is already dating this other girl .... We hardly talk but i and my friends have noticed him looking at me quite often ... and i've also noticed him making random comments about something to do with me , mostly neutral comments .. BUT the bad thing is that he is always rude to me when i'm with my guy bestie which is kind of suspicious ... and not only this but he is also rude to me some other times but mostly when i am with my bestie ...

Does he like me too ?!???!!!??! I'm in a lot of confusion ryt now and have no idea what to do ...??? PLS HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!! .....

PS : He knows that i love him

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  • Amy
    9 years ago

    since hes dating another girl, im pretty sure that hes trying to make you forget him or maybe hes jealous of the guy bestie you have, and wants you to only think about him, these are the two possible out comes, since he looks at you alot, i bet hes jealous hope this helps and ps keep looking at his reaction when your with ur guy bestie hope this helps:)

  • Take the word of a guy... If it really seems like he's jealous then he is jealous but it might not necessarily mean he likes you depending on how good friends you were, reply if you need to understand what I mean

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